A Plan to Help Achieve Your Goals

Why Noyes Capital?

 Your future is important.  We treat it that way.

In today’s world, there’s nothing easy about planning for your retirement.  With increased life expectancy, low-interest rates and high stock valuations, generating a lifelong income stream is no easy feat.  Going it alone or with the help of a generalist may not get you where you want to be.

Professional Solutions

At Noyes Capital Management, we offer the following services:

  • Full-service financial planning, investment management and ongoing coaching specifically designed for those approaching or entering retirement, along with careful risk management to help you avoid financial setbacks that can impact your lifestyle.
  • We do use active allocation strategies with our investment portfolios, to help you avoid significant losses when you don’t have time to wait it out.
  • We do manage your money in-house, to avoid the risk of a third-party money manager not understanding your goals or risk preferences.
  • We do focus on income planning, so you can plan to finance the lifestyle you want far into the future.
  • We do provide full-service financial planning and coaching to help you handle your financial life and achieve your goals.

The ultimate goal?  Maximum peace of mind, so you can relax and do the things you most enjoy doing. 

Keeping You Informed

At Noyes Capital Management, we want you to be fully informed.  You should not wonder what we are doing for you.  Instead, we can involve you as an active participant in the process.  We do everything possible to keep you consistently informed and up to date.

  • We’ll meet with you frequently (by phone or in person);
  • You’ll get consistent, frequent reporting;
  • You’ll have an online, user-friendly client portal that will provide you with daily interactive investment reporting and budgeting tools;
  • You’ll have access to mobile applications you can use on your smartphone or tablet;
  • We’re just an email or phone call away to answer your questions.

Simple, Transparent Fees

Wall Street is notorious for charging layers of fees that few people understand.  Instead, we charge you an initial planning fee and then one transparent, easy-to-understand fee that covers all of our investment management and ongoing financial planning and coaching services.  Learn more about our pricing here.

Personalized Client Support:

After-hours availability.  One of the biggest complaints consumers have about advisors is not hearing from them enough, or getting calls returned slowly.  We solve that with after-hours availability.  Of course, you have easy access to our team by phone or email during business hours.  After hours, our phone is on forward to a team member cell phone; we are easy to reach on weekends and evenings.

Open meeting scheduling.  Many firms will schedule an annual or semi-annual review meeting.  For some that’s fine, but you may want more contact.  We are available to meet with you on a regular basis.  No extra charge for that …it’s all included.  We’ll meet in person or by phone.  We know you’re busy so we’re flexible and happy to meet you after hours or on weekends.

Market concerns.  It’s hard not to watch the market’s day to day moves, especially when your future income depends on it.  We understand that it may cause stress, so when the market gets volatile we tend to be in touch with you more frequently.  Also, you control the major parameters of your portfolio through an Investment Policy Statement, which is not changed without discussing it with you in advance.

State of the Art Technology.  Technology doesn’t do everything, but having a great online system can help you feel organized and in control of your money.  Our user-friendly online portal offers interactive investment reporting; percentage performance by investment; up to 5 years of historical data and a document vault with tablet access.  We also include an online financial planning service that allows you to stay in touch with your goals and outcomes.  We continually upgrade the technology we provide to you to ensure you have helpful, easy to use tools.