Plans Can Turn Hopes into Reality

Financial Planning

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now!

Multi-Dimensional Financial Planning

At Noyes Capital, we specialize in multi-dimensional financial planning. We look at:

  • Your starting point.
  • Your destination—where do you want to go? (Your goals and desired lifestyle).
  • The action steps needed to get you to that destination. 

Review Your Retirement and Pre-Retirement Needs

Our planning efforts go further to include services that are designed to be particularly helpful for you before and during retirement:

  • Forecasting your income needs far into the future before you retire, so you can plan accordingly.
  • If you and your spouse or partner do not plan to retire at the same time, a special analysis to forecast and remedy cash flow gaps.
  • We seek to review ALL of your assets, both those that are held with us and in other places and forms, and help ensure they are directed to fund your future income needs.
  • We analyze your pension and social security benefits to help maximize income and minimize taxes. 

Ongoing Financial Coaching

You can have a fantastic financial plan, but implementation is required to make it effective.  At Noyes Capital, we include ongoing coaching to assist you in achieving those goals you set for yourself.

We help you stay on course.

At the beginning of our relationship we prepare a snapshot of where you stand.  Then our financial planning team works together to identify what we think it will take to meet your goals.   Thereafter, we help monitor your progress to help keep your family’s financial goals on track.   As obstacles arise, we’ll work with you to revise the plan and get back on track.

We take the time to explain your financial circumstances in plain English.

You are busy.  We consider it our responsibility to cut through the jargon and explain things to you in plain English.  We appreciate involved clients and are always more than happy to answer your questions.  Your complete understanding is important to us.  We’re also always available to help you with general financial decisions, such as:

  • Should I lease or buy that car?
  • Can I afford a second home?
  • Should I consider a reverse mortgage?
  • Should I buy long-term care insurance?
  • What’s the smartest way to structure college savings?
  • What’s the best way to support my favorite charities?

We work hard to keep your documentation organized.

We respect your time and seek to deliver our services to you in a dependable and timely manner.  In addition, we simplify and prepare financial paperwork for your review.  We can also organize your IRA withdrawals to meet your cash flow needs and will monitor your capital gains and losses for tax purposes.  We like to actively coordinate with your accountant and/or attorney, to ensure that your overall goals are their primary focus.

We become your financial advocates.

We strive to simplify your financial life and help you achieve lifetime financial security.  We help keep you informed regarding changes in regulations, tax laws and investment opportunities that may impact or benefit you.  We also become your sounding board and investigator for issues that arise, whether it be elder care or helping resolve family communication issues around money.

Helping You Thrive, Not Just Survive

The retirement stage of life is more about attitude than anything else.  At Noyes Capital, we’re all about helping you identify and explore ways to thrive… not just survive.

Few people can adapt to full retirement the first time they try it.  An understanding of your financial choices and limitations is critical to retirement success.