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Your Financial Advocate

Noyes Capital Management is a completely independent registered investment advisory firm that puts your interests first.  We’re fee-only, meaning we don’t sell any products or get paid commissions.  We simply give you the advice for a fee.  And we’re a fiduciary all the time, meaning we are legally obligated to put your interests before ours.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not all financial advisors are required to put your interests first.  In fact, many are paid to sell you financial products instead of providing you advice that is in your best financial interests.  This is not always easy to spot, so you have to choose carefully.  Noyes Capital always acts as an Investment Fiduciary and your Financial Advocate.

Planning Services Designed for Your Needs

Retirement planning today is basically one big balancing act.  Depending on your needs, our financial planning services may address one or more of the following: retirement planning, budgeting, estate planning, IRA management, college planning, gifting strategies, risk assessments, insurance planning, and tax planning.  We use conservative assumptions and realistic projections to help minimize your total financial risk. At the beginning of our relationship, it is very useful to prepare a snapshot of where you stand and to plan what it takes to meet your goals.   Thereafter, we help monitor your progress to help keep your family’s financial goals on track.

We strive to simplify your financial life and help you achieve lifetime financial security.   Once you’re in retirement, we believe it is even more important to get it right.  You don’t have the time to recover from big mistakes.   We help keep you informed regarding changes in regulations, tax laws and investment opportunities. We become your sounding board and investigator for issues that may improve your financial life. Our financial planning and advocacy service can help you.

We offer a team who can help you get and stay on track.  At Noyes Capital, we strive to do all that and more.  We’ll work with you to get organized and ready for the next stage in life.  Then we act as your financial coach to help you stay on track toward your real goals, so day-to-day obstacles don’t derail your plans.

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Prudent Investment Management 

Prudent investment management is our core strength. Our investment approach is based on a combination of academic training and 30 years of experience.  We combine our judgment and experience with modern technology tools to help design cost-efficient portfolios that align with your planning and retirement needs.  We do not leave your investments on auto-pilot and are available to consult with you on a regular basis.

At Noyes Capital Management we use active allocation techniques with passively managed funds and ETFs.  Our goal is for you to participate in most of the gains of the rising markets, but our priorities shift to the protection and minimizing losses when markets are volatile or falling.  We do all our investing seeking low-expense investments so more of your money stays working for you.  At Noyes Capital Management, our personalized, in-house investment management makes sure your interests, and not the firm’s interests, come first. 

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