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Our Fees

Investment Management Fees

Noyes Capital charges you one simple fee for investment management based upon a percentage of the market value of assets under management.  This fee will be billed to your account quarterly.

We offer three different investment strategies.  The strategy will determine the applicable fee.  Our Managed Portfolio Strategy is our primary investment service and includes all portfolios with over 25% equities.  The Conservative Income Strategy and US Treasury Security Strategy are specialized strategies designed for more conservative investors or portfolios with short term time horizons.

For your information, here are the general ranges you can expect.  We are happy to provide you with our full fee schedule upon request.

Annual fee for accounts between $500,000 to $5,000,000

Managed Portfolio Strategy 0.80%
Conservative Income Strategy 0.50%
US Treasury Security Strategy0.24%

Annual fee for accounts under $500,000

Managed Portfolio Strategy1.00%
Conservative Income Strategy0.60%
US Treasury Security Strategy0.32%

Accounts over $5,000,000 will receive discounted rates.  Please refer to our ADV Part 2A, Brochure, for our complete fee schedule and related information.

Custodian fees and Mutual Fund /Exchange Traded Fund internal expenses will be charged in addition to our annual fee.  Please note that Noyes Capital does not receive any portion of these fees and costs.  Noyes Capital does receive research and technology products from Fidelity Investments and various mutual funds on a non-fee basis which may be construed as a conflict of interest.  Please refer to our ADV Part 2A, Item 12 for more information about this arrangement.

Financial Planning Fees

Please note financial planning is only provided along with investment management or if you are evaluating investment management with Noyes Capital.

There is typically only a fee for the initial financial planning service.  Most ongoing financial planning and coaching for established clients is included in the investment management fee.  Our goal is to use the initial planning engagement to create the foundation for a long-term client-advisor relationship.

Initial Consultation

Always Free.  This one-hour meeting (or phone call) allows us to get to know each other.  During the meeting, we’ll review your current investments and see if what you are holding is appropriate based on your goals and your ability to tolerate risk.  Together we’ll figure out if we can help you achieve your goals.  Even if we can’t, you’ll walk away with valuable input on your current investments.

Two Hour Special Consultation – $450

A two-hour special consultation is for those individuals seeking independent, professional advice in a couple of areas without the expense of a written plan.  In a two-hour meeting, we focus on your key areas of interest and you control the agenda.  If you decide to pursue a broader plan with us, the $450 fee can be applied towards that plan.

Multi-Dimensional Financial Planning – $2,500 and up

A Customized Financial Plan can be designed to meet your specific pre or post retirement needs and goals.  Modules may include: multi-year cash flow projections, non-simultaneous retirement planning, pension and social security distribution planning, review of your investments to see how they align with your retirement goals, education funding for children and grandchildren, coordination of estate planning with attorneys, and analysis of your existing insurance.

*Please note that occasionally, more complex situations may require a higher fee.  This will be discussed with you prior to getting started.