Your Retirement Specialists

About Us

Noyes Capital offers personal service, experienced judgment and common sense advice to help you stay on your path to financial success.

Retirement Specialists

We believe preparing for retirement and managing your financial affairs in retirement requires much more specific and ongoing attention than generalists may offer.

Some key considerations for investors approaching or already in retirement include:

  • Will your income last if you live longer than most?
  • Are you spending too much or taking too much risk?
  • Are you considering part-time or consulting work?
  • What happens to your plans if there is a recession or a bear market?

Many advisory firms make grand promises up front, but in reality are quite reactive in their service.  Only after the market drops do they want to talk about the level of risk in your investments.    You may feel like you are on your own with day-to-day financial decisions and wonder how that will impact your future.  As a result, many people never feel fully organized or confident about their money.

That’s no way to spend your retirement.

Expect More

At Noyes Capital Management, we believe you deserve more.

Our services are structured specifically for the needs of those preparing for or in retirement.  We seek to proactively manage risk in accordance with your tolerances at all times.  We also offer to help you with income planning, budgeting and day-to-day financial decisions.  We’re Wall Street veterans with significant expertise in income-focused investing.  We do not leave your investments on auto-pilot.  Instead, your investments get our hands-on, experienced supervision.

The Right Expertise

With Noyes Capital Management:

  • We act as your fiduciary, which simply means we put your financial interests ahead of our own. 
  • We are a fee-only service provider.  We don’t accept commissions or sell any products.  We work only for you.
  • We are Wall Street veterans with over 30 years hands-on experience in bonds and equity investing.  We currently manage approximately $115 million for 71 families (as of May 2018).
  • In addition to a University of Chicago MBA, our investment manager holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® and Certified Financial Planner™ credentials

At Noyes Capital, we’ve got you covered.


Are We Right For You?
I am over 50 and looking for expert help managing my money before, during and after my retirement.
I want full-service financial help for one simple fee, with no surprise bills.
I want an advisor who provides true fiduciary advice, not one who sells products.
I want a team who actively manages my money, instead of just letting my portfolio move with the market.
I want an advisor who watches my money and doesn’t outsource management to third parties.
I want an advisor who is easy to communicate with when I have questions.